Acresford Brewery

1855The Brewery was owned by Mr John Harley Berry. He brewed and malted there, assisted by William Field Cooper and Humphrey Cooper
1876/1900   Mr Berry left Acresford to live at Coalville. The brewers were G. & W.F. Cooper
1900Sidney Evershed of Burton (shortly to amalgamate with Marston & Thompson) purchased the business, which was soon to close.
1906William Gervase Cooper bought the now empty brewery
1906/1910The former brewery was converted into a corn mill which sold grain and food for horses, cattle, sheep, pigs and poultry. The malt and store rooms were converted into 12 cottages, an office, a place of worship and an adjoining schoolroom.
1923A fire just before Christmas nearly gutted the mill. The outer walls stood, but the roof fell in and the entire interior, apart from the big flour room, was destroyed
1944Mr Cooper died and for some years his eldest son carried on the business. He eventually sold out to the Staffordshire Farmers, who operated a farm food depot for a number of years before they sold out to a developer.
1998In the course of time, permission was granted for the building of 10 houses on the site of the mill (which had been pulled down) and the mill yard.